Is Printing Dead?

In today’s fast paced Internet-savvy world, word around town is that printing no longer holds the same value that it used to several years ago. More & more businesses today are shifting base online, as everything on the Internet is perceived to be faster & cheaper, with a much wider reach. Whilst that might hold true for certain scenarios, many more factors need to be kept in mind while running a business.

When it comes to printing, a lot of advantages override the criticisms that the print industry has been facing ever since the surge of the Internet; the first one being its tangibility. The ‘touch-and-feel’ factor offered by print still holds much value amongst the audience. Secondly, on the Internet, ads tend to get lost in the clutter, and are often regarded as spam. Thirdly, using print allows the business to retain control.

The biggest threat the online industry currently faces is the rapid fire power of the Internet. Any news that goes up on the internet is made public within nano seconds, deriding the reputation of a brand or a business. Moreover, information about print can only be seen on a computer screen, but the detailed one-on-one data that needs to be provided can only be done through commercial agencies like Comart.

So has the printing era really come to an end? Based on research & polls, we believe that printing is here to stay & businesses are slowly learning how to seamlessly integrate the same with digital platforms. In fact, with the advancements in printing technology, the industry has become more evolved than ever! As a user rightly said, “As long as human nature remains in our need to touch, hold and feel, print will also remain.”



Print Summit 2013 – A Huge Success!

(Image Source: PrintWeek)

The Print Summit is the only event in India where all the big names in Printing, Pre-media, Journalism, etc congregate in one location and talk about the future of the industry and this year wasn’t any different. CEO & Director, Comart, Fred Poonawala, kick started the event in his humble tone by showing his gratitude to everyone in the crowd for coming. Serving also as the chairman of the event, Mr. Poonawala invited Mr. Jayraj Jawant to dais to share his thoughts. We were off to an exciting start!

Editor-in-Chief of Times Now, Arnab Goswami was next on stage and he let off some firecrackers. Starting off with his favorite quote “Change before you have to”, he touched upon some of the most important topics that needed addressing. By the time Mr. Goswami finished, many could not believe he had actually finished, and then came a wave of applause.

Thomas Saggiomo, CEO of DG3, was up next and he spoke about how traditional method and modern technology will co-exist. He pointed out that ‘print’ is here to stay. Mr. Saggiomo said that the amalgamation of modern and traditional technology will be the cornerstone of our future growth, including the print industry.

With several other power packed up performances, the event took a spiritual turn with Prof. Rooshikumar Pandya. A management trainee, with experience of teaching over 50,000 students, displayed different techniques of effective management through various methods, including meditation.

The event went on up to 8:30 PM, which was then followed by food, drinks and entertainment. After the show wrapped at 10:30 PM, everyone could truly acknowledge the impact the event left on them.